InLove. A process of self discovery and awareness.

Remembering that consciousness is within all things.
Consciousness is knowing, and knowing yourself is your closest place to the source, a place of love.
A place we all know exists, a place we all strive for.

The InLove process is an incredible evolutionary leap for one to be involved in.
You will begin to understand that you create your own experiences and you will learn to become conscious creators. You will remember who you really are.
In the past this ability was the gift of saints and profits. The state of human evolution was not ready for it and only the chosen ones were given a taste of it.
Like lightning in the dark.
Now we have reached a time when everyone is capable of reaching this state of being in life.
Knowing yourself and creatively mastering your life.
Now is a time that allows knowledge and experience on a much wider scale than before.
This new stage in life is available to meet the inner knowing and expose it as an expression of everyone’s unique life.
We have traveled far in evolution and the process has led us to a tipping point. We are now on the path to higher consciousness.

The InLove school follows the nature of life's evolution .
Researching the amazing structure of the multiple dimensions of life, like nets of consciousness one on top of the other, moving interdependently, growing in endless, creative ways. Performing life in all forms.
The syllabus goes through the chakras structure. As the scale of evolution in oneself and in the collective scale of growth.

The Chakras

First, surviving and feeling at home in this form.
Second joy of communication and connection.
Third, unique expression of life experience.
Forth , love intelligence and wisdom.
Fifth, expression and power of creating.
Sixth, seeing from the eyes of the source and creating dreams.
Seventh, connection to the source. The memory of life's purpose.

Second Net

Every chakra, or every state has its steps of growth and evolution
Childhood, a place of need, serving the self.
Teenage, a place of connection with the other. Serving the separation.
Maturity, a place of wisdom, serving love.

Third Net - The Fabric of Masculine and Feminine Energies

The oneness in every aspect in life is always the dance between elements.
The motion that is active all the time in all the chakras and in all stages is the flow between fullness and emptiness. Feminine and masculine elements.
The feminine element wants to get filled.
The masculine element wants to get empty, get things done.
Two opposites that create the one.

InLove School offers:

Knowledge and experience.
When you know yourself you know all.
Slowing down to full stop, opens wider understanding and allows the discoveries that are on the way.
And what we discover are the conditions that hold us back. And we also discover the keys we have to free ourselves from these conditions.
By deep listening we create solutions that were not available before. We reach out and include practices that support our growth and when we feel ready we teach our knowledge and experience in many different ways.
We all come from love and going back to love. We make love bigger with our life experiences.
When remembering, every challenge on the way is a invitation for expansion. Everything is in its place for a reason.
Knowing yourself and surrendering to your potential, opens the door for the unique life you are here to live.
We are lucky to be here in times when evolution is ready for the next state.
Everyone is on the journey in a place relative to himself and his life.
This is the holy process of life.


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