Therapist Intensive

Therapists Intensive for whoever sees him/herself as one.

Every teaching-learning situation, every therapy meeting is an opportunity for miracles to happen. Two people lose sight of separate interest for some time and healing is happening.

How to create an healing space?

What is the role of the therapist?

What is the patient asking for?

How to allow miracles?

Therapists Intensive is a weekend training given by Orly Doctori designed for physio/psycho-therapists, coaches, healers, counselors or anybody who works with people, and for those who are ready.

In this Intensive, Orly will present her therapy method – InLove Conscious – composed of techniques and insights from various realms and knowledge acquired from deep life research. It will provide the therapist with a thorough understanding of the patient’s challenges and with practical tools and exercises for healing

More about the Weekend Intensive:
1. The Holy Space of healing
Creating a safe space and maintaining an open dialogue on sensitive issues
2. The Chakras Structure of Evolution
Home, Joy, Uniqueness, Love intelligence, Expression, Vision, Connection to the Source
3. The Motion of Life
Feminine and masculine energies – characteristics, differences and conditionings
4. The Stages of Development
Childhood – ‘I am the center of the world’
Teenhood – ‘There is me and you; I see you , we are different’
Maturity – ‘I look for the benefit of all’
5. Entering The Subtle
Un-doing, realization, creating reality, from sense to super-sense
6. Therapist-Patient Relationship
Love as the principle of therapy
7. The Therapist
Who is a therapist and what are the qualities needed

Tao's Center - Paros, Greece

Tao’s is a meditation, yoga, wellness and retreat center on the beautiful Greek island of Paros.

The center offers daily classes, therapies, workshops, retreats and long-stay programs, dedicated to the practice of awareness and wellbeing.

Drawn from various traditions, the Center’ program includes yoga, meditation, Chi Kung, mindfulness, movement, dance, creativity, healing, treatments, music and activities for children.

Whether you’re on holiday in Greece for a while, island hopping or just passing by, whatever your nationality or culture is, travelling alone or with friends, single or with family, into yoga or just a surprising break, we have something for you in Tao’s and we would love to share it with you.

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