Beyond Feminity | Women Retreat

Women Retreat 2017 – Island of Paros, Greece

Life is fast and everything is expanding. It is time to reach deep and get in touch with the great wisdom that goes far deeper than we have been educated to believe. It is now the time to heal and manifest our beautiful potential.

The body is the first state

Each area of the body gives us vital information about our lives, our belief structure and our truths. By taking the time and directing our attention beyond the regular way of thinking ,and going deeper within our bodies we can experience and explore our emotional bodies and spiritual abilities,Where we find many of the answers we’ve been seeking.

This workshop is a journey to explore the depth of women’s inner wisdom and regain love and joy.

When you know how to truly listen to your inner voice, you easily recognize it as truth and it feels right nourishing and clear.

* opening to intimacy .

* exploring and balancing male and female aspects.

* roles and consolation

*conditioning and de-conditioning


This will include awareness techniques, meditation, sharing and practical tools for joyful life.

What to expect from the Women Seminar 2017?

A group of like-minded women from different places, ages and colors.

A supported and safe group dynamic that harnesses the magic and healing that rises up when women gather together.

Beautiful Tao’s center, healthy breakfasts and lunches .

Outdoor sessions . Blue see and lots of fun.

Tao's Center - Paros, Greece

Tao’s is a meditation, yoga, wellness and retreat center on the beautiful Greek island of Paros.

The center offers daily classes, therapies, workshops, retreats and long-stay programs, dedicated to the practice of awareness and wellbeing.

Drawn from various traditions, the Center’ program includes yoga, meditation, Chi Kung, mindfulness, movement, dance, creativity, healing, treatments, music and activities for children.

Whether you’re on holiday in Greece for a while, island hopping or just passing by, whatever your nationality or culture is, travelling alone or with friends, single or with family, into yoga or just a surprising break, we have something for you in Tao’s and we would love to share it with you.

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