Beyond Femininity | Women Retreat

Women Retreat 2018 – Island of Paros, Greece

This women retreat is presenting a new work designed for the new times we are in. It is aimed for you women, wherever you are.

Feel at home in your life

Follow joy

Express your creativity and sexuality

Love the real you

Experience deep loving relationships

Connect to your heart wishes, make them come true, manifest success

See that your truth and the truth of others is one

You must be willing to do the work to get there.

Knowing yourself will get you there.

Seeing, opening and accepting every aspect of yourself will get you there.

Letting go of rage, grief and fear will get you there.

Melting the walls that surround your heart, your womb, your yoni and your spirit will get you there.

All it requires is a full YES:

YES to own your amazing power and wisdom.

YES to own your childish neediness.

YES to your sacred feminine, your endless creativity, your nature of love.

YES to your sacred masculine, your ability to lead and manifest your life, your nature of freedom.

In this new work, we will reunite with the sacred feminine and the sacred masculine within us.

The sacred masculine holds the key for unlocking the full potential of the feminine. When this part of the self is respected, a woman will have it way easier bringing her dreams into reality; she will safely and confidently step into joyful, fulfilling relationships with a man, relationship based on equality and deep love. We will practice catching ourselves every time our body or our heart is closing and will learn how to keep it open.

When we women come together, absorbed in the beauty of Paros Island and its crystal clear water, amazing things will happen, with a long lasting effect on our life environment.

Additional information including schedule and prices here.

Tao's Center - Paros, Greece

Tao’s is a meditation, yoga, wellness and retreat center on the beautiful Greek island of Paros.

The center offers daily classes, therapies, workshops, retreats and long-stay programs, dedicated to the practice of awareness and wellbeing.

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Whether you’re on holiday in Greece for a while, island hopping or just passing by, whatever your nationality or culture is, travelling alone or with friends, single or with family, into yoga or just a surprising break, we have something for you in Tao’s and we would love to share it with you.

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